Our Services

" When there is harmony between the mind, heart and resolution, then nothing is impossible. "

- Rig Veda

We have developed a set of standards and guidelines for the creation of awareness in the society. A proactive approach to bring in changes in the mindset of the general public has been employed to make this a reality.

At present, we offer the following services:

  • Organises medical and awareness camps every year to create awareness among the general public about the mental health issues and its management.
  • Conducted awareness programme with the help of social service organisations at different socially backward settlements when multiple suicide cases were reported.
  • Provides Psychosocial rehabilitation support to NGO's
  • Conducts Evaluation camps at schools to identify the children with learning disability and other behavioural issues.
  • Provides the service of Clinical Psychologists and Speech Therapists to BRCs’ to take evaluation during their evaluation camps.
  • Provides Clinical Psychological support to the bed-ridden patients through home visits with the assistance of local palliative care units.
  • Conducts Leaning Disability Camps during the summer vacation.

Our Projects

Ammathanal Project

Ammathanal is one of the prestigious projects of Amma Psydac Society for Mental Health. It has been formulated to provide hope, help and inspiration for those struggling with the stigmas of mental retardation, autism, mental health and mental illnesses through cost-effective and safe therapeutic methods and by providing a place where boundaries and barriers do not exist.

In the fight for the rights of the community with stigmas of mental health, ‘Amma’ focuses on changing the society's response towards the mental and emotional problems and distress of the community. ‘Amma’ invites all socially conscious individuals of the society to stand for a social cause!

The contributions received through the project are utilised for providing treatment either free or on concessional basis to a needy and deserving patient. We support 22 children every month through Ammathanal Project.

You can help us to expand this program to other deserved beneficiaries by donations. Please contact us at +9182815 62612 in case you are interested to donate.


"Next, with regard to knowledge. The teacher is the former element, the pupil the latter, knowledge their union."

‘Amma Psydac Society for Mental Health’ proposes the application of this ancient principle of imparting knowledge by inducting the most important third element to the world of education; the Parent, through its novel programme ‘SWEET’. The main objective of ‘SWEET’ is to bring in all these three elements together for the enrichment of education, the wellness of the learner and the mental peace of the family. ‘SWEET’ is the education enrichment tool developed by ‘AMMA’ meant for the school children in the age group of 3 and 16.

SWEET at a Glance

Implementation of ‘SWEET’ shall be conducted and supervised by ‘Amma’ through its qualified master’s level professional psychologists.

‘SWEET’ categorises the students into two; Kindergarten to Upper Primary Section (Group 1) and Secondary and Senior Secondary Section (Group 2).

The categorization is based on the age of the students i.e., below 12 years of age and above 12 years. The application of techniques shall profoundly be the same for both the categories but the issues of each category will be addressed by different professionals. This arrangement is proposed to ensure the quality of service.


In general cases the appointment of a Psychologist in a school is simply termed as a counsellor who provides counselling to the students. ‘SWEET’ proposes a different methodology not only to improve the quality of imparting education but to provide awareness to the teachers on enhancing the quality of teaching and the parents on effective parentage also.

We are working with various schools to implement SWEET programme. Crescent Public School and M.T.I. CENTRAL SCHOOL are among the few schools where we have successfully introduced SWEET PROJECT.

We are open to collaborating with interested schools. Kindly contact us for the same.