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Intensive Training on Management of Learning Disability

Key Features of the Programme

The Certificate Programme on Learning Disability is a training programme offered by Amma Multi-Speciality Clinic both in regular and online modes. The duration of regular mode is 45 days and the online mode is 3 months. Participants are free to choose the mode through which they prefer to attend the programme. Curriculum of the certificate programme consists of theoretical sessions on learning disability and management strategies as well as practical exposures in therapeutic training of children with learning disability at our training centre.

  • Regular Mode: It enables participants to have an ample amount of clinical experience in training children with scholastic backwardness and to develop a comprehensive understanding of learning disability. Participants have to be present in the clinic during the entire period of programme. Regular academic sessions would be conducted by the LD trainers. Theoretical orientation and practical training would be given in various assessment and management strategies in detail under expert supervision and guidance. Participants would be trained to provide goal oriented individual and group intervention for the children.
  • Online Mode: Participants can attend the theoretical sessions online and the practical training at our centre. It is mandatory to complete the required hours of training and participants are free to select the convenient period for the practical training from the allotted days. Theoretical orientation on learning disability, assessment and management would be provided through academic sessions and the application of the same would be ensured through practical training.
Focus of the Programme

The Certificate Programme enables professionals to have the knowledge about Learning Disability as a condition and develops the skills for assessment and application of evidence-based teaching methods and management strategies.

The objectives of the programme are to:
  • Develop the understanding about the nature and needs of students with Learning Disability and related conditions.
  • Enrich the ability of professionals and teachers to apply evidence-based methods and strategies for children with Learning Disability.
  • Provide participants with the knowledge about the process of curriculum adaptation, assessments and educational programme planning for students with Learning Disability.
  • Enable the participants to have the competencies to function as effective trainer and facilitator for students with Learning Disability.

The Certificate Programme is open for school teachers, special educators, counsellors, social workers and psychologists.

  • Undergraduate degree in respective discipline.
  • Working knowledge of English & Malayalam (reading, writing and speaking).
Programme Structure

The Certificate Programme is of 3 months duration with 32 hours of theoretical sessions via online mode and 40 hours of practical training at our centre for those pursuing the programme in online mode. Participants who are in regular mode shall have 45 days of training and would be placed in the regular schedules of the clinic.

Regular Mode
  • Introduction on Neurodevelopmental Disorders (Intellectual Disability, Learning Disability & Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • Academic Sessions
  • Clinical Observations
  • Identification & Assessment
  • History taking & Case presentation
  • Academic Sessions
  • Training on assessments
  • History taking and evaluation
  • Clinical Presentations
  • Goal Setting & Lesson Plan
  • Educational Intervention & Teaching Strategies
  • Academic Sessions
  • Training on goal oriented interventions
  • Individual & group sessions for students
Online Mode
1 Understanding Learning Disability
Online: 10 hours/ 5 Classes
2 Learning Disability: Identification & Assessment and History taking & Case presentation
Online: 8 hours/ 4 Classes
Practical Training: 20 hours*/ Saturdays of the month
3 Learning Disability: Goal Setting & Management Strategies
Online: 18 hours/ 9 Classes
Practical Training: 20 hours*/ Saturdays of the month
  • Each module takes 4 weeks to complete which consists of online sessions and assignments.
  • **Participants have to complete at least 25 hours of practical training to be eligible for certificates.
Commencement of the programme
Regular Mode

The Certificate Programme is conducted on every month. Admission is open for the month of March.

Date of Commencement: 15 March 2022
Online Mode

The Certificate Programme begins in the month of April and ends in the month of June.

Date of Commencement: 01 April 2022
Online Platform: Google Meet
Fee Structure
Fee for Certificate Programme (Regular) is INR 6000.
Fee for Certificate Programme (Online) is INR 6500.
Payment Schedule
Registration: INR 2000
Before the Commencement of programme: INR 4000
Registration: INR 1500
First month: INR 1500
Second month: INR 1500
Third Month: INR 2000

Institutional Certificate will be provided by Amma Multi-Speciality Clinic after the successful completion of the programme.

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