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Internship on Clinical Psychology / Psychiatric Social Work

Aim of the Internship

The focus of the internship is to enable the aspiring psychologists and social workers to integrate and reinforce the knowledge acquired through theoretical learning with actual practice under the supervision of the experts.

The objectives of the Internship are to:
  • Enhance the understanding on mental and behavioural disorders.
  • Deepen the knowledge on childhood developmental disorders.
  • Provide practical exposures in psychometric assessments and evaluation.
  • Develop skills necessary to provide therapeutic training for children with special needs.
Key Features of the Internship

Amma Multi-Speciality Clinic have been moulding students and professionals from psychology and social work through the internship programme for more than a decade. The curriculum of the internship is designed in such a way as to ensure a comprehensive delivery of theoretical knowledge and practical exposures. The internship equips the trainees to develop sound understanding on mental health disorders and to have the applications of their knowledge under the guidance of expert supervision. Besides the internship provides an opportunity for the trainees to work with a multidisciplinary team and would be placed in the departments of Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Special Education and Therapeutic Day Care.

The highlights of the internship are:
  • Comprehensive understanding on the behavioural and psychological aspects of mental health disorders.
  • Development of competence and skills in the observation of clinical features and presentation of disorders.
  • Direct history taking and evaluation.
  • Application of psychological assessments.
  • Guidance for clinical formulations and diagnosis based on diagnostic criteria.
  • Directions on goal oriented therapeutic interventions.
  • Clinical experience on therapeutic training of children with autism, intellectual disability, learning disability and other childhood developmental disorders as well as of adults with mental and behvioural disorders.
Who can benefit from the Internship

The internship is designed for the students of psychology and social work who aspire to be a competent and efficient mental health professional. The internship is also suitable for just passed out as well as practicing mental health professionals who would like to deepen the impact of their work.

Number of Participants

The maximum number of participants expected is usually about 15 per batch.

Who are your facilitators

Your facilitators are Clinical Psychologist, Rehabilitation Psychologist, Psychiatric Social Worker, Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist with experience in helping clients to overcome mental health issues.

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